Castle Breakout is a breakthrough! Challenge yourself to escape the locked rooms in a mysterious, beautiful castle! A game so easy for people new to escape games, and elegantly designed that it creates a new standard in games for iOS, Android, and Mac OSX!

Featuring 10 unique and gorgeously rendered medieval environments, animated interactive characters, and delightful medieval music performed and recorded by classical Italian composer Marco Antonini.


A magical castle experience

Battle against the wits of the Guild of Justice to solve tricky puzzles with swords, spears, potions, pots, crowns, interactive animals and more!

Castle Breakout achieves a brilliant photorealistic image quality, and delivers an original music score that produces a new experience: it's the room escape for the casual gamer.



The Cloudburst team is a small husband and wife team of two, Ron & Lindsay Hengehold-Packard. We employ a team of six 3D animators, designers, and programmers dedicated to creating fantastical puzzle games that challenge your mind while thrilling your senses. Our apps have had over twelve million downloads and are currently #1 in many countries.


We make a castle room escape video game that is both strategic in it's game play with an elaborate hint system, and each room has an animated animal with live action that is part of the puzzles themselves. We also are just now re-arranging the levels for maximum pleasure by both genders separately. We made about two dozen changes in the Throne Room to cater for different genders. As well our levels were out of order in terms of difficulty so we now arrange them by maximum "fun".

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